Arizona Cypress 50+ PCS fresh seeds. Cupressus arizonica

Arizona Cypress Cupressus arizonica Greene Sem. Cypress-Cupressaceae
Natural range: USA (from Texas to north-east). Arizona, California), northern Mexico.
Coniferous tree up to 12-20 m tall with a cone-shaped crown, in old age – spreading; trunk diameter 0.5-1.2 m, gray-brown finely cracked or smooth bark, peeling plates or twisting strips; small scaly leaves with a bluish coating; rounded brownish-gray cones 15-28 mm long, maturing in the second year in October-November. Fast-growing in the first 10-15 years.
Light-loving, very drought-resistant, undemanding to soils. The most cold-resistant type of cypress, frost-resistant to -12 -17°C. Individual trees are found in the steppe part of the Crimea.
Propagated by seeds, forms-grafting or rooted cuttings. The transplant is transferred only with a sufficiently large lump.
It is used in massifs, groups, alleys, for creating hedges, borders, and shorn forms.
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