Pinus pumila 30 PCS / 100 PCS fresh seeds, Siberian dwarf pine tree, Dwarf stone pine, Japanese stone pine, Creeping pine, Coniferous evergreen

Oreshka seeds
Pine elfin, or Cedar elfin (Latin: Pinus pumila)

A woody plant that spreads along the ground, the trunks reach a thickness of 20-25 cm and a length of 10-12 m. The bush belongs to the Pine family. It strengthens mountain slopes, prevents landslides and snow avalanches, and strengthens the banks of rivers and mountain roads. The bush actively contributes to the formation of soil on mountain slopes. It is a frost-resistant plant; the rapid formation of adventitious roots provides the bush with high vitality.

The needles grow in small bunches and have a bluish-green color.

The first fruits appear after 30 years of life. The cones ripen a year after flowering and fall without losing seeds. A shrub can live for about 200 years and bear fruit all the time and thus reproduce.

Elfin cedar is used due to its resinous and dense wood, which is difficult to chip, but retains heat well. Like all plants of this group, it is used in medicine and cosmetology. Widely used for the formation of green spaces on the territory such as: design of rock gardens, rocky gardens, hedges, exquisite framing of flower beds, background for lawns.

It is undemanding to soils and grows well even on the poorest, rockiest, sandiest soils. Does not require special care, is not susceptible to serious diseases and pests.

USDA Hardiness Zone: 1 (-45°C and below).
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