Ampelopsis brevipedunculata 5+ fresh seeds. Climbers, Vines, Lianas seeds

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Short-stemmed vine (lat. Ampelopsis brevipedunculata) is a shrub—Liana of the Grape family.
It is used as an ornamental plant.

inogradovnik korotkotsvetonozhkovy (lat. Ampelopsis brevipedunculata) — a high—rising shrub-Liana of the Grape family.

Shoots in youth are yellow-red from the hard hairs covering them.

Leaves are broadly ovate, 6-12 cm, usually 3-lobed with a longer drawn median and widely spaced triangular lateral lobes, shallow heart-shaped at the base, less often whole, coarsely Pilate, leathery, dark green above, diffusely hairy, lighter and thicker pubescent below, petioles pubescent, shorter plates.

Flaps on the pubescent leg, wide.

Berries are 6-8 mm in diameter, when ripe, bright blue or rarely whitish, inedible.

Blooms in July-August, bears fruit in September-October.

Use for decorative purposes.
It is used as an ornamental plant for vertical gardening.

It is successfully cultivated mainly in the southern and middle regions of the country, in the Northern regions it leaves for the winter unprepared, with unripe shoots and is damaged by frost.

Absolutely not damaged by phylloxera.
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