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Seeds of Lianas

Seeds of Lianas

What do you associate with vines?

With its lush jungles, mysterious castles, and maybe green by the gazebo on the shore of the sea?

In any of these cases, the vine is a multifunctional element of the landscape interior.

  • First, it decorates buildings, gazebos, canopies, creating comfort where there is nothing but stingy iron and concrete.
  • Secondly, it helps to hide unsightly areas of the site, turning sheds or firewood into original green sculptures.
  • Third, it makes excellent sheds that provide protection from the sun and pleasant coolness.
  • Fourth, they can decorate corners where there is no room for a flower bed, because this plant will develop upwards.
  • Fifth, it is an amazing beauty all year round!

Most of the vines fit harmoniously with their green decoration in the summer design, and in autumn and winter they delight with bright yellow-red leaves, and sometimes delayed fruits.

Lianas are quite easy to care for and do not require special attention. Among them, there are many representatives who feel great in Central Russia. You can grow a plant from a seedling or by sowing seeds directly into the ground.

When choosing a vine for certain purposes, you must also consider the way it grows.

Whether it is wrapped around the support, or attached to it with tendrils and "suckers".

In our nursery you can buy:

Maiden grapes are five-leafed.

It is green in summer, and its leaves turn yellow-red in autumn. Grow faster. It is easy to climb even on a smooth surface, thanks to the numerous antennae with "suckers" at the ends.

Chinese Lemongrass

In addition to beauty and practicality, it will please with useful berries, grouped for easy collection in clusters.

Of course, the success of growing any plant is a quality seed material. This is famous for our nursery-seed Bank. Because our employees conduct a painstaking search around the world for rare plant varieties that can develop in different latitudes of Russia. We are not just engaged in the sale of seeds and seedlings, selection and cultivation of hardy species is our main activity.

Have you already chosen a place for your jungle?

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