Kiwi actinidia chinensis 30+ PCS fresh seeds, Kiwi fruit, Golden kiwifruit, Chinese gooseberry, Green kiwi actinidia vine seeds, Tara vine

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Kiwi actinidia chinensis, Kiwi fruit, Golden kiwifruit, Green kiwi actinidia vine seeds, Chinese gooseberry, Tara vine (lat. Actinidia deliciosa).

A species of dicotyledonous flowering plants included in the genus Actinidia (Actinidia) of the Actinidiaceae family. A large liana or climbing shrub reaching 9 m in height. The leaves are falling, alternate, on long petioles, 7.5-12.5 cm long, ovate or almost rounded in outline, with a notched base. Young leaves are covered with reddish pubescence, adult leaves are bright green on the upper side, pale on the lower side, with noticeable veins.

The flowers are fragrant, usually bisexual, rarely unisexual, appear in the leaf axils singly or in groups of three. The corolla is white at first, then, when the petals open, it turns yellow. Stamens are numerous in all flowers, but in female flowers they are sterile.

The fruits are oblong-ovate to almost spherical, usually 5-6 cm in diameter, brown, densely hairy. Kiwi fruit is a berry, the flesh is green, less often yellow, white or brownish. The seeds are small, black or dark purple.

The taste is sweet and sour, very tasty and fragrant. Kiwis are eaten fresh, they are made into jam, jelly, and added to salads.
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