Kiwi (Actinidia chinensis, deliciosa) 15+ PCS fresh seeds

Kiwi (lat. Actinidia chinensis/deliciosa)

Kiwi, or Actinidia (Lat. Actinidia) — the name of the fruits of cultivated varieties of plants of the genus Actinidia, belonging to the species Actinidia chinensis (Lat. Actinidia chinensis) or Actinidia delicatessen (Lat. Actinidia deliciosa). The plants themselves are large tree-like lianas native to China, so kiwis are sometimes called "Chinese gooseberries".
Liana 8-10 m long. Young shoots are reddish-brown or greenish, pubescent with stiff brown hairs. The buds are almost completely hidden in swollen leaf pads covered with hairs.
The leaves are large, pubescent, 6-17 cm long, 6-15 cm wide. The flowers are dioecious, orange-yellow, collected in an inflorescence of semi-flowers, with numerous stamens. The sepals are oblong-ovate, brownish, felt below, with five petals.
The kiwi fruit is a berry, with a green pulp. From round to ellipsoidal shape, pubescent, 3-5 cm long, 3 cm in diameter, the weight of the average kiwi fruit is 75 g, large fruits — up to 150 g.
The taste is sweet and sour, very tasty and aromatic. Kiwis are eaten fresh, made into jam, jelly, and added to salads.
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