The Amur grape 10 PCS fresh seeds. Vitis Amurensis

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The Amur grape (Vitis Amurensis) is a wild natural species.
The Amur grape is characterized by exceptional frost resistance, in a continuous form it tolerates temperatures of the order of-35-45°C (most sources speak of -40°C) and cooling of the upper layers of the soil to -16°C. It has a genetic resistance to gray rot, which it transmits to hybrids.
The yield of the original "Amur" is average, under very favorable conditions – high. Widely used intraspecific hybrids are characterized by higher rates and stability of fruiting.
The variety is classified as an average variety with a maturation period of 145-156 days. Harvesting begins in early to mid-September, depending on the region. The berries on the bushes tolerate even the first autumn frosts well, while acquiring a sweeter taste.
Amur grape bushes are tall, in natural conditions and planted for decorative purposes, lianas can reach a length of 25-30 m. The species is characterized by particularly rapid growth – young shoots during the season add up to 2.5-3 m. The thickness of the main trunk is also significant, and can reach a diameter of 10 cm.
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