Momordica 5 PCS fresh seeds, Momordica

Momordica (Momordica)
Mad cucumber is a climbing annual liana from the pumpkin family. It grows in Southeast Asia, Japan and China.
It grows up to 2-4 meters. The stems are thin, so they require support.
It differs from other plants in its family in the shape of the leaves: rounded at the base, they become strongly dissected towards the top, resembling grape leaves.
But the flowers are very simple, small, in appearance resemble the flowers of an ordinary cucumber, but with a delicate jasmine aroma. On each plant, male flowers first appear, and a little later – smaller female flowers.
After pollination, ovaries are formed on the female flowers, which grow very quickly. First, small green fruits appear. As they mature, they acquire a bright yellow, orange or red color. The fully ripened fruit bursts, splitting into three lobes and revealing large bright red or brown seeds.
Fruits covered with large wart-like pimples. Depending on the type, they can have an elongated fusiform or round-cylindrical shape up to 20 cm long.
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