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Oreshka seeds
Grapes black Mercedes or Hadji Murat (Latin Vitis black Mercedes, Hadji Murat)

Table, wound-medium grade. Bushes grow rapidly, enter fruiting 2-3 years after planting seedlings. The shoots mature by 75%, and the fruitfulness is 80%.

The leaves of this variety are large, slightly lowered, pentagonal in shape. The upper part has a green color, the lower part is light green, the leaves are covered with light green veins.

The weight of the bunch is 900-2000 g .

The fruits are cylindrical, elongated-oval, large, the weight of one berry is 14-20 g. The fruits are dark blue in color, when fully ripe, their color turns black. The pulp is juicy, fleshy, the ratio of sugar in the pulp is - 25%, acid — 6%. Mercedes grapes have excellent taste qualities. The berries are not only juicy, but also have a nutmeg aftertaste.
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