The Lydia grape 15 PCS fresh seeds, Vitis labrusca - Vitis vinifera

The Lydia grape (Vitis labrusca × Vitis vinifera)
Is a technical variety that was once widely used in winemaking. The berries of this variety are characterized by a specific taste and aroma of forest grapes.
Bushes. Medium-sized, strongly thickened. 80% consist of fruit-bearing shoots. The leaves are large, strongly pubescent, divided into 3 or 5 lobes. The flowers are bisexual.
Bunches. Loose, have several branches. Small size, cylindrical shape. Average weight-100 g.
Fruits. Rounded, red, with a pink-purple tint. The flesh has a slimy consistency, juicy, with a characteristic strawberry aroma. Weight-up to 4 g. The skin is dense, covered with a waxy coating. The diameter of the berry is 15 mm.
"Lydia" is not particularly appreciated by gardeners – the taste of its berries is clearly "for an amateur", but this variety has enough advantages – no wonder it was once so popular.
it bears fruit stably and abundantly;
it tolerates waterlogging of the soil well;
berries do not crack at high humidity;
it has a high immunity to a number of grape diseases;
suitable for decorative use;
capable of self-pollination;
thanks to the dense skin of the berries, it is well transported.
The variety "Lydia" is distinguished by powerful, fast-growing bushes, capable of producing dozens of bunches annually. Let's learn more about the main characteristics of this grape.
The variety is very productive, despite the small clusters. From 1 ha, they collect up to 120 c. One bush produces up to 40 kg of grapes. High yield is associated with excellent maturation of the vine – 4-6 full-fledged bunches grow on one shoot. Moreover, there is no need to normalize the bushes – they can easily withstand the load of the crop.
The variety belongs to the late-maturing category. The ripening of the berries is long – about 160 days. In the temperate zone, the harvest is ready around the middle of September. To ripen the berries were juicy, sweet and as large as possible, the bushes are regularly watered. The ripening is unfriendly – the bunches facing the sun are the first to ripen.
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