Vitis coignetiae 15+ fresh seeds. Vine seeds. Japaneese grape, Kuane vine, Liana, Climbers

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Coignet grapes, or Kempfer grapes, or Japanese grapes (Latin Vitis coignetiae). 

A species of woody vines from the genus of Grapes of the Grape family. A liana with a trunk 5-10 cm in diameter and up to 15-18 m long, there are occasionally vines up to 20 meters long. Tendrils of grapes are able to make circular movements, thanks to this they wrap around the branches of neighboring plants (trees) and other supports. The bark is dark.

The leaves are dark green ovate or rounded with three slightly pronounced lobes. The size ranges from 10 to 30 cm. Edges with sharp and rounded-triangular sawtooth teeth. In autumn they turn crimson-red or dark purple.

The flowers are small. Collected in short felt- pubescent brushes with a length of 6 to 15 cm . The Coignet grape is a dioecious plant.

The fruits are spherical black-purple or black-purple. They contain little juice, they taste sweet-tart, edible, with two to four seeds.

It grows mainly on the coastal strip, along the slopes, on the edges among shrubs, in thickets of Kuril bamboo, which serves as a support for grapes. It is demanding on the fertility and humidity of the soil and air.

Thick-leaved and very elegant in autumn crimson-colored foliage, lianas are very suitable for decorative gardening. When cultivating, it should be borne in mind that this species is quite moisture-loving.
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