Kiwano 10 PCS fresh seeds, Cucumis metulifer

Oreshka seeds
Kiwano, or horned melon, or African cucumber (Latin Cucumis metulifer).

The length of the plant reaches 3 meters. It is grown for the sake of edible fruits, similar to a small oval melon with thorns. Plants do not tolerate negative temperatures.

The fruit is kiwano — yellow, orange or red in color with an inedible hard leathery rind covered with soft spikes. It has a green, jelly-like pulp with pale green seeds. The length of the fetus is up to 60 cm . The seeds are white, numerous, up to 1 cm long.

The taste of the fruit is similar to cucumber and banana. It can be consumed both in sweet and salty form. It contains few calories, so it is often used in dietary nutrition and to reduce stress.
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