Kiwano 15 PCS fresh seeds, Cucumis metulifer

Kiwano (Cucumis metulifer)
An exotic plant of the pumpkin family is known by various names: Antillean, African cucumber or anguria, horned, jelly melon. Why did a member of the Pumpkin family get such a strange name: kiwano horned melon. It turns out that the yellow-green fruit is covered with soft to the touch spikes, slightly oblong, so it resembles a melon.
liana, which forms climbing and creeping stems (the lash grows to 4-9 m);
fragile and thin shoots are densely covered with tendrils and spines;
on the branches there are 5-lobed leaves covered with coarse villi;
the weak root system is located superficially;
the plant is monoecious: male and female flowers are scattered throughout the stem;
kiwano blooms only in the morning.
The horned melon crawls on the ground or climbs on a support using creeping stems and tendrils. Kiwano is able to thickly entwine fruit trees and shrubs. Prickly cucumber-a large plant and for good growth and lighting, it needs a stable support.
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