Vitis riparia 15 fresh seeds. River grape, riverbank grape, frost grape seeds. Climbers, Vines, Lianas

Oreshka seeds
River grape, riverbank grape (lat. Vitis riparia).

Representative of the genus Grape of the Vine family (Vitaceae). Coastal grape is a powerful vine up to 25 m long with a stem equipped with intermittent tendrils. It is frost and drought resistant. Tolerates frosts down to – 30C. Undemanding to soil conditions.

The leaves are bright green, shiny, broadly ovate, three-lobed, serrated along the edge, up to 18 cm long. The flowers are faded, small, collected in large inflorescences, reaching a length of 10-20 cm. Coastal grapes bloom in June - July for two weeks. The flowers are fragrant.

The fruits are spherical, fragrant, purple-black, with a bluish bloom, up to 1 cm in diameter, have a herbaceous taste, are not used for food, and ripen in September.

Decorative foliage plant. It is advisable to use for landscaping high walls of southern and southwestern exposures, as well as decorating gazebos, pergolas, and terraces. Under natural conditions it grows in damp forests and along river banks.
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