Attached maiden grapes Parthenocissus inserta 15 Fresh Seeds. Virginia creeper seeds, climbers, vines

Oreshka seeds
Girlish grapes attached

Woody liana of the genus Maiden grapes, family Vinogradaceae. A fast-growing vine, reaching 20-30 m in nature. The buds and young shoots are green, becoming covered with yellowish-gray bark with age. With the help of tendrils, usually with 3-5 elongated curly branches, rarely with poorly developed suckers, this vine rushes up the branches of bushes.

The leaves are palmately compound, consisting of 5 leaflets, which are ovoid or elliptical in shape and reach a length of 5 to 12 cm. The leaves are sharply toothed on top, long pointed at the apex, smooth to the touch, more or less glossy; below - light green, more or less shiny, slightly pubescent or without hairs at all. In autumn they turn red-burgundy.

The flowers are small, greenish, collected in apical paniculate inflorescences. The inflorescence is a 2-3-branched stem without a central axis, on which there are from 10 to 75 flowers. The fruit is a berry, 8-10 mm in diameter. The fruits ripen in late summer or early autumn, are inedible for humans, but are food for birds in winter.

Cultivated as a garden ornamental plant. Sufficiently frost-resistant.
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