Black grapes Husayn 10 PCS fresh seeds, Black Husain striped, Karo husayn, Grape var. of ladies' fingers, Vitis, Grapevines, Fruit vine seeds

Oreshka seeds
Black Husayn grapes (Karo Husayn) or ladies' fingers (Latin Vitis black Husayn, Husain striped)

Table, medium-ripened variety. It is found in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. The bush is medium-sized.

The leaves are medium-sized, rounded, three-, five-lobed, slightly dissected, with sparsely bristled pubescence from below, there are also bare leaves.

The flower is bisexual.

The clusters are medium-sized, narrow-conical, weakly winged, loose.

The berries are large, elongated-oval, black-blue, with a thick bluish wax coating. The skin is dense. The flesh is juicy.
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