Set of seeds-Exotic lianas for the garden

Oreshka seeds
Set of seeds-Exotic lianas for the garden

The seed set consists of:
Chinese lemongrass seeds, Maiden grape five-leaf seeds, Passionflower incarnate seeds, Cucumber Manduria seeds, Kiwano seeds, Melotria seeds.

Chinese lemongrass seeds:
Chinese lemongrass (Latin: Schisándra chinénsis) is a species of flowering plants in the genus Schisandra (Schisandra) of the family Schisandraceae. Lemongrass grows in small groups and forms dense thickets. He is very fond of light, although at a very early age he feels good in the shade. The optimal growth conditions are considered to be drained soils near water. The length of one liana reaches 15 meters. The shape of the leaves resembles an ellipse with a wedge-shaped base and a sharp tip.

Maiden grapes five-leafed seeds:
Parthenocissus quinquefolia, also known as Parthenocissus quinquefolia, is a tree-like deciduous vine, a species of the genus Parthenocissus of the Grape family (Vitaceae). Fast-growing liana, in nature reaching a length of 20-30 m. Young shoots are reddish, then dark green. It grows, climbing on smooth surfaces with the help of antennae with five to eight branches, ending in a sticky pad (sucker) measuring 5 mm.

Passionflower incarnate seeds:
Passion flower meat-red, or Passion Flower incarnate, or Passion Flower meat-red, or Passion Flower red-white, or Passion Flower flesh, or Apricot vine (lat. Passiflóra incarnáta). It is a herbaceous liana with a climbing stem up to 9 m long. Under the ground, long horizontal rhizomes develop, from the dormant buds of which new aboveground deciduous or underground shoots arise. The leaves are alternate deep-divided with a fine-filamentous margin, up to 20 cm in diameter, sitting on long petioles. Tendrils develop in the leaf axils. The flowers are large, solitary, up to 7-9 cm in diameter, sitting on long peduncles, with five sepals.

Cucumber Manduria seeds:
This is a climbing plant, its height does not exceed 2 m. The leaves are large, angular, like cucumber. The bush of the Mandurian cucumber is lush and massive, the shoots are strong, fleshy, able to withstand the weight of large cucumbers and melons.Fruits at the stage of technical maturity are light green, with vertical dark stripes, up to 12 cm long, weighing 100-200 g.

Kiwano seeds:
Kiwano, or horned melon, or African cucumber (Latin: Cucumis metulifer) is a herbaceous liana of the Cucurbitaceae family, a species of the Cucumber (Cucumis) genus. The length of the plant reaches three meters. It comes from Africa. It is grown for the sake of edible fruits, similar to a small oval melon with thorns. The fruit is kiwano-yellow, orange or red in color with an inedible hard leathery rind covered with soft spikes. It has a green, jelly-like pulp with pale green seeds. The length of the fruit is up to 15 cm.

Melotria seeds:
Melothria scabra (Latin: Melothria scabra) is a perennial climbing herbaceous liana from the genus Melothria of the Pumpkin family. Like many climbing vines, melotria forms a thick green mass that looks very decorative. The length of the lashes reaches 3 m, so the culture is good in vertical gardening using trellises, pergolas and arches. The taste of the fruit resembles cucumbers, but with a piquant sourness.

Seeds included:
Chinese lemongrass seeds 20 pcs;
Maiden grapes five-leafed seeds 50 pcs;
Passionflower incarnate seeds 10 pcs;
Cucumber Manduria seeds 15 pcs;
Kiwano seeds 15 pcs;
Melotria seeds 15 pcs.

And nice bonuses from us: a lunar calendar, stickers on pots, a quick guide to germinating seeds and gift seeds!
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