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Oreshka seeds
Five-leafed maiden grape, or Parthenocissus five-leafed (lat. Parthenocissus quinquefolia)

A tree-like deciduous liana, a species of the genus Parthenocissus of the Vine family (Vitaceae), the type species of this genus. A fast-growing vine, in nature reaching a length of 20-30 m. Young shoots are reddish, then dark green. It grows by climbing along smooth surfaces with the help of tendrils with five to eight branches ending in a sticky pad (sucker) measuring 5 mm. The presence of these suckers is a feature that distinguishes this species from the closely related maiden vine (Parthenocissus vitacea).

The leaves are palmately compound with five, less often three (usually in young shoots) leaflets. The petiolate leaves are ovate, attached to one central petiole. The tip of the leaf is pointed, the edges are serrated. The leaves are green and dull on top; below - bluish-green, pubescent. In autumn they acquire a bright red, crimson color in the sunny side and light yellow in the shade.

Small greenish flowers are collected in apical inflorescences - highly branched panicles with a clear central axis, on which there are from 80 to 150 flowers. Blooms in late spring.

The dark blue, almost black fruits, 5-7 mm in diameter, ripen in late summer or early autumn. The berries contain oxalic acid and are inedible for humans, but are food for birds in winter.
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