Carosello Manduria 5 PCS fresh seeds, Carosello muskmelon, Carosello muskmeloni, Melongurka carosello, Cucumber Manduria, Italian cucumber

Oreshka seeds
Cucumber Manduria, or Carosello manduria, or Italian cucumber (Eng.: Carosello muskmelon, Carosello muskmeloni, Melongurka carosello. lat: Cucumis melo var. adzhur.)

This is a climbing plant, its height does not exceed 2 m. The bush is lush and massive, the shoots are strong, fleshy, capable of supporting the weight of large cucumbers and melons. The leaves are large, cornerstone, cucumber-type.

Fruits at the stage of technical maturity are light green, with vertical dark stripes, up to 12 cm long, weighing 100-200 g. At the stage of biological maturity, they become gray-green with small yellowish spots at the base. The skin is thin, covered with soft fluff. The shape is oval or round, weight ranges from 800 g to 1.2 kg. The ripening period is in June.

This vegetable is versatile in use. At different stages of ripeness, it can be consumed like a cucumber or melon. According to external features, the hybrid has retained the spherical shape of a melon, and the stems and leaves of the plant remain from cucumber crops.
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