Actinidia colomicta 20 PCS fresh seeds

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Actinidia kolomikta, or the creeper (Actinidia kolomikta) is a perennial liana of the Actinidiaceae family. It has long stems that creep along the surface or climb trees, sometimes it is an erect branching bush. The shoots of the plant are dark brown, smooth, shiny, wrapped around the support in a spiral.

The leaves of actinidia colomicta have a changing color — at the very beginning they are bronze, then they turn green. Before flowering, the tips of the plates turn white, and after the buds fade, they acquire a pinkish or crimson color. In autumn, the leaves of the culture turn yellow or purple-red.

In mid-June, Actinidia colomicta blooms with white or slightly pinkish buds with five petals. The decorative period lasts about 20 days, then the fruits ripen — dark green berries of elongated or rounded shape. When ripe, they are soft and fragrant, with numerous dark brown or yellowish seeds. You can harvest from the end of August to mid-September, this should be done immediately after the fruit ripens. On the shoots, the berries hold poorly and quickly crumble.

The cold resistance of the actinidia columicta shrub is quite high — up to -40 ° C with minimal shelter.

Medium-yielding crop capable of producing up to 800 g of berries from one bush. The volume of fruiting depends on the growing conditions and the quality of care.

The plant has quite long shoots. If there is a good support, the actinidia columicta vines climb to a height of up to 15 m above the ground.
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