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Oreshka seeds
Red-green Rizamat grapes (Latin Vitis Red green Rizamat)

Table-raisin, medium-ripened variety. The bushes have an average growth force. The shoots are long, light brown in color, with medium-sized slightly dissected leaves. They ripen well. The flowers are bisexual, so this variety can be grown without pollinating plants.

The clusters are large, branching, up to 17-18 cm long. The density of the brushes is average, the weight is 500-550 g (it can reach 800-1000 g, occasionally up to 3 kg).

The cylindrical shape of the berries have very large dimensions: length 28-30 mm, width 19-20 mm, average weight 6.2 g, but can reach 14 g. The thin pink skin is covered with a not too thick wax coating, the side of the berries at full maturity acquires a bright "blush". The pulp has a dense, crunchy consistency. There are 2-3 small seeds in each berry.
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