Melotria 10 PCS fresh seeds, Melothria scabra

Oreshka seeds
Rough melotria (lat. Melothria scabra).

Perennial exotic climbing herbaceous vine, 3 m long. Thanks to its long and tenacious tendrils, the plant is attached to any support. For weaving, pergolas and trellises are installed - the plant completely entwines them.

The leaves are similar in shape to cucumber, but they are slightly smaller in size. The surface of the leaves is rough. The leaves are three-segmented, triangular, all segments are pointed.

The fruits are small, growing up to 4 cm in length. They are collected in an immature state, when their length reaches 2 cm. The surface of the fruit is spotted and striped, so they look like miniature watermelons. The fruits are edible; their taste combines notes of cucumber with the sour taste of melon peels.

The plant blooms in June. The flowers are bright yellow, bisexual. The female ones bloom one at a time, the male ones are collected in inflorescences. The flowers have a pleasant, unobtrusive scent that attracts pollinating insects.
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