Hot pepper Jamaican orange 5 PCS fresh seeds, Orange chilli pepper seeds, Spicy pepper seeds, Capsicum chinense, Organic seeds, Non GMO

Oreshka seeds
Hot pepper Jamaican orange fresh seeds, Orange chilli pepper seeds, Spicy pepper seeds, Organic seeds, Non GMO (lat. Capsicum chinense).

A stable interspecific hybrid (chinense and annuum). The fruits have the shape of a mushroom cap. The plant is medium-sized 60-70 cm, it is possible to grow in containers. The bush can grow to an area of one square meter and please with hundreds of peppers. The shape of the fruit is very interesting and decorative.

One plant per season can produce 50-60 peppers. The first fruits appear 80 days after germination. Biological maturity reaches 30-35 days after the appearance of the ovary.

Peppers are thick-walled, fragrant and spicy — up to 150,000 SHU. The nature of the sharpness is explosive. It is good for fresh consumption in sauces and for drying. It is the main ingredient in the Jerkish seasoning. It has a very intense classic peppery aroma

Pepper: Pepper

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