Vegetable seeds

Vegetable seeds

The best vegetables are vegetables from your garden!

Currently, there are an incredible number of their varieties. From the usual tomatoes and cucumbers to quite exotic artichokes and kohlrabi.

On average all vegetables can be divided into groups:

  • Tubers, which include potatoes, Jerusalem artichoke.
  • Root crops are carrots, beets, and radishes.
  • Cabbage - white cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts.
  • Onion - onions, leeks, garlic
  • Fruit - tomato, cucumber, pepper, eggplant, zucchini.
  • Leafy - dill, lettuce, spinach, Peking cabbage
  • Perennial-sorrel, horseradish, artichoke
  • Mushrooms

Vegetables are grown through seedlings, as well as directly by seeds in the open ground. To get a good harvest, you should choose the right place for planting, providing the most comfortable conditions for the development of plants. Some of them prefer shade and humidity, such as cabbage, and others on the contrary-require open sun and better tolerate dryness than overflow, these include carrots. Do not forget to observe the crop rotation, change the places of planting vegetables.

Absolutely all types of vegetables require at least classic care.

Watering should be regular and moderate. The more, the better - this is a deep misconception of novice gardeners. Root crops in this case are prone to rotting, tomatoes can develop late blight. But cucumbers and zucchini need a lot of water for fruiting.

Hilling helps preserve moisture by covering it with dry soil.

Loosening is necessary to provide the roots with oxygen, better water penetration, and get rid of weeds.

Mulching allows you to retain moisture, prevent the growth of weeds, and protect seedlings from light frosts or scorching sun.

Feeding affects the acceleration of growth, abundant flowering and improvement of fruit quality.

Such care is enough to get an excellent harvest from seeds purchased in our nursery-several types of hardy pumpkins, including early-ripening ones, and amazing varieties of tomatoes: from yellow to black, from cherry to large ribbed ones.

Of course, the success of growing any plant is a quality seed material. This is famous for our nursery-seed Bank. Because our employees conduct a painstaking search around the world for rare plant varieties that can develop in different latitudes of Russia. We are not just engaged in the sale of seeds and seedlings, selection and cultivation of hardy species is our main activity.

Do you want to please and surprise yourself and your guests with unusual-looking vegetables from early spring to late autumn?

Shipping is carried out all over the world.