Japanese cabbage Mizuna green 30+ PCS fresh seeds, Brassica rapa ssp. nipposinica var. laciniata

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Japanese cabbage Mizuna green (Brassica rapa ssp. nipposinica var. laciniata)

This culture tastes like arugula, and is sold under the name mizuna or mizuna, and is a pepper salad of a bright green or reddish-brown hue. It is part of the Cabbage or Cruciferous family. Her homeland is considered Japan. Despite the fact that mizuna is called cabbage, it does not form a head. Its openwork spectacular leaves with a carved edge create a rather lush rosette. The flowers are small and colored in a light yellowish shade. Mizuna ripens quickly-the crop is harvested 30-45 days after sowing. The crop is characterized by frost resistance: the seeds germinate at -2...-3°C. In autumn, the plants can withstand small frosts up to -5°C. This allows you to grow them in many regions of Russia from May to September.Japanese cabbage is cultivated for fresh consumption, prepared for the winter with salt and in marinade. The leaves are put in salads of meat, vegetables and fruits, sandwiches and sandwiches. Mizuna is perfectly combined with soft and hard cheeses.

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