Marron beans 25 PCS fresh seeds, Phaseolus, Bean seeds, Vegetable seeds, Bean garden, Beans plants, Heirloom seeds, Organic seeds, Non GMO

Oreshka seeds
Marron beans, Bean seeds, Vegetable seeds, Bean garden seeds, Heirloom seeds (lat. Phaseolus).

A genus of plants in the Legume family (Fabaceae). This is a unique type of bean. Imported from Brazil, the Marron bean got its name for its unusual light brown color (Maron means "brown" in Portuguese).

The main feature of this variety is that Marron beans cook quickly - 40 minutes, which is much faster than all other varieties of beans. In the finished form, Marron beans do not boil, retaining their shape and unique color, while having a light nutty aroma.

Beans: Beans

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