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Oreshka seeds
Early-maturing (45-60 days) variety. The root crop is rounded or flat-rounded, 5 cm in diameter, weighing up to 200 g. it is Immersed in the soil by 1/3, easily pulled out. The skin is thin, tender, and smooth. The flesh is white, dense, excellent taste: very juicy, not sharp. Yield 2.5 kg / sq. m. Leaves can be used as salad greens. The value of the variety: precocity, friendly and stable yield, resistance to blooming, high marketability, shade tolerance, cold resistance, keeping quality (up to 2 months). For growing in winter, spring greenhouses and in the open ground.
Agrotechnics. Sowing seeds to a depth of 1.5-2 cm. Shoots appear in 3-5 days. The optimal temperature for growth is 15 ... 18°C. Care: loosening, weeding, keeping the soil moist. After the formation of the fourth real leaf, the seedlings are thinned, leaving 10 cm between the plants.
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