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Tomato Polish plum t . Swarlo (Aunt Swarlo's Polish Plum)

Medium-ripened, tall, large-fruited, indeterminate variety. In the middle zone, it is recommended to grow it in a greenhouse. The bush is 180-200 cm high, the stem is thick; the leaf is of the usual type; the brush is simple, consists of 2-4 large fruits. It requires a garter to a support or trellis and a stepson. The best results were obtained when the plant was formed into 2 stems.

Fruits in the form of an irregular heart (or a large plum) with large ribs, in the stage of maturity of red color, weighing 300-400 g (up to 1 kg). The taste is rich and classic; the flesh is watermelon with a bright tomato flavor and almost without seeds.

These tomatoes are ideal for fresh consumption and the preparation of thick juices, sauces, pastes.

Tomato: Tomato

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