Tomato cherry yellow 10 PCS fresh seeds

Tomato cherry yellow
They belong to the tall indeterminants. The average height is 2 meters or more. The variety is early-maturing, from germination to maturation 95-100 days. The plant is powerful, the leaf is dense, slightly corrugated, dark green. The tomato is strongly leafy, the number of stepsons is small. The variety is intended for growing in open areas and in film greenhouses.
The first inflorescences are simple, contain 15-20 tomatoes. The following are complex, branching, on one brush at the same time develops 30-40 small round tomatoes. The ripe cherry brush resembles a bunch of grapes, the fruits are small, 15-25 grams each. The skin is bright yellow, dense, with a lot of liquid content inside. Ripe tomatoes are sweet and juicy.
By the standards of cherry varieties, yellow Cherry gives a good harvest. Experienced gardeners lead the bush in 2-3 stems, which increases the yield, but on average it does not exceed 1.5-2.5 kg per plant.

Tomato: Tomato

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