Chinese spring cabbage 30+ PCS fresh seeds, Brassica chinensis

Oreshka seeds
Chinese spring cabbage (Brassica chinensis L.) Chinese
Spring cabbage is a precocious species from the category of ultra-ripe.
From the moment of germination to full maturity, 25-35 days are enough.
The variety is characterized by non-fastidiousness, resistance to infections, tolerance of temperature changes, cold spells.
the height of the bush is within 20-50 cm;
socket diameter 40-45 cm;
the average weight of the socket is 250 g;
the coloring is greenish (shades from light to rich);
leaves smooth with soft-wavy edges; semi-
raised rosette shape;
super-high middle vein.
The variety has a pronounced taste, an attractive appearance. Cabbage is recommended for use in fresh recipes, it is possible to add it to the first and second dishes. It can be dried for the future, fermented, marinated.
Chinese spring cabbage is characterized by good stable productivity. From 1 m2 of beds, up to 1.5 kg of rosettes are collected.
For the variety, a sunny, fertile plot on sandy loam or light loam is selected.
Seeds for seedlings are sown from the end of March, when 4-6 leaves grow back, they are transplanted to a permanent place (the optimal time is the 3rd decade of May).

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