Boneta Pepper 10 PCS fresh seeds

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Boneta Pepper
It belongs to early-maturing varieties, mature fruits can be tasted as early as 80-88 days after the emergence of seedlings. The plant has a powerful stem that covers many leaves of a dark green color. In height, the bush can reach 60 cm.
The fruits have a rectangular shape, oblong, inside the pepper there are 3-4 seed chambers. The thickness of its walls can be from 5 to 8 mm, the flesh is fleshy, crisp, juicy. At the stage of technical maturity, the pepper has a pale green color, when the fruit is fully ripe, the color changes to red or orange. The skin is matte, smooth, the weight of one fruit can vary from 100 to 150 g, but individual fruits can grow up to 200 grams. With proper care, up to 5 kg of crop can be harvested from 1 m2. It has excellent taste qualities, even in unripe fruits, bitterness is not present, and also has a pronounced aroma.
In food, it is used in fresh, and also added to various dishes. It is suitable for freezing, and preservation. Fruits are rich in many vitamins and fiber, suitable even for dietary nutrition, because in 100 g only 25 calories.
Beautiful view of the fruit.
Earlier maturation.
Not demanding to care for.
Great taste.
Versatility of application.
It tolerates changes in weather conditions well.
Subject to transportation.

Pepper: Pepper

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