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Asparagus Rapini Broccoli (Raab Rapini)
Raab broccoli, or rapini, is a vegetable plant in the Cabbage family, but in a botanical sense it is closer not so much to broccoli as to turnips. Rapini is very popular in Italian cuisine, where it is dubbed "leafy broccoli". It is lightly blanched to remove its inherent slight bitterness, and added to salads, served on a side dish and stewed with vegetables. Young shoots and leaves are used for food. The variety is precocious and unpretentious. The taste and varietal qualities of this cabbage are revealed better when grown in a cool climate, so it is usually planted either in early spring or in autumn.
Origin of the variety: Italy
Maturation period: 45-65 days

Cabbage: Cabbage

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