Tomato de barao yellow 10 PCS fresh seeds

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Tomato de barao yellow
Fruit maturation occurs on the 120th day after full shoots. The plant is indeterminate, strongly branched, strongly leaved, with a height of more than 2 m. The leaf is ordinary, large, dark green, matte, medium-sized. The inflorescence is simple, the structure is loose. The first inflorescence is laid above the 9 leaf (above the 9-11 leaf), the next-through 3 leaves. The color of the inflorescences is weak. The fruit is oval, smooth, the color of the immature fruit is green, with a dark spot, mature-yellow, the base of the fruit with a weak depression, the top is smooth. Number of nests 2. Fruit weight 79-83 g. The taste is good. The commercial yield of 6.2-6.4 kg / sq. m. is slightly affected by late blight. The value of the variety: high yield, the suitability of the fruit for canning, good taste of the fruit.

Tomato: Tomato

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