Savoy cabbage Vertu 30+ PCS fresh seeds, Brassica Oleracea Var. Sabauda Vertu

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Savoy cabbage 'Vertu' (Brassica Oleracea Var. Sabauda Vertu)
The variety is characterized by an average resistance to cracking of the heads.
The representatives of the Savoy cabbage variety Vertu have a rosette of medium and large (60-105 cm) size, with semi-raised leaves. The outer stalk is 13-23 cm high. The leaf is whole or indistinctly leaf-shaped. The petiole is short, bordered by a plate running down to the base.
The leaf blade is 26-53 cm long, 23-45 cm wide, oval, broadly oval or rounded, flat or slightly concave. The surface of the leaf is finely or medium-bubbly, the edge is wavy. The color is gray-green with a waxy coating of medium intensity.
The head is flat, of medium density. Weight 1.2–2.7 kg. The inner poker is medium.
Savoy Vertu cabbage belongs to the varieties of the mid-late ripening period. The period from full shoots to the onset of technical ripeness is 108-131 days. Yield 3.5–7.8 kg / m2.
The variety is characterized by an average keeping capacity.
It is recommended for fresh consumption in the autumn and autumn-winter period.

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