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Hot pepper Explosive ember

Decorative type of pepper with purple-green foliage. It tolerates shade well and the color of the foliage depends on the light: the higher the light, the greener the foliage. The height of the bush when grown in the ground is 40–50 cm, and when grown in a container - 25–30 cm. These plants are compact with small erect, conical peppercorns that appear singly and not in groups. The peculiarity of the variety is that from each node grows from two to five pods. The growing season until biological maturity is 110–130 days.

The fruit is 2.5 cm long. The initial color of the pods is purple, then they change color through cream to pink and finally to scarlet.

On the Scoville scale, the degree of pungency corresponds to 20-40 thousand units.

Often grown for decorative purposes.

Pepper: Pepper

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