Volga grey pumpkin. Grey squash seeds. SEEDS 5 PCS.

Medium-ripened (102-121 days from full shoots to harvesting) variety. The plant is long-leaved (up to 8 m), powerful, with large kidney-shaped leaves. The fruit is weakly or medium-flattened, slightly segmented or smooth, weighing 6.3-9.0 kg. The color is light gray and greenish-gray, without a pattern. The bark is elastic and leathery. The flesh is yellow and cream colored, 4-4. 5 cm thick, medium density, sweet. The taste is good. It is grown by seedling method and direct sowing in the ground. Sowing for seedlings in April, planting in the ground in may-June according to the scheme 60 x 60 cm. Sowing directly into the ground in late may-June. It responds well to the application of organic fertilizers. The yield is 15 kg / m2.

Pumpkin: Pumpkin

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