Hot pepper Rocoto yellow 5 PCS fresh seeds, C. Pubescens

Oreshka seeds
Hot pepper Rocoto yellow, C. Pubescens
A rare type of pepper. It is very different from all other types of hot peppers with a strong pubescence of leaves and stems. The seeds are uneven and black. The flowers are also very different. It grows in the low and middle mountains. It is tolerant to low temperatures, that is, it can withstand mild frosts for a short time.
In nature, this type of pepper can grow up to 9 meters in height. In our climate zone, it grows up to 3 meters per season. The fruits have the appearance of an apple, the flesh is loose, crisp. Walls 0, 6-0, 8 mm, very juicy. Sharpness is high 50,000-100,000 scovils. Aroma and taste with fruity hints. The vegetation period is more than 200 days. Does not tolerate high temperatures.

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