Hot pepper Tabasco 5 PCS fresh seeds, Tabasco pepper, Capsicum fruitescens, Chilli pepper seeds, Organic seeds, Non GMO

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Hot pepper Tabasco, Tabasco pepper, Capsicum fruitescens, Chilli pepper seeds

It is widely known as the main ingredient of the world-famous tabasco sauce. Compact bushes of this pepper are usually strewn with a mass of miniature thin pods. In the process of maturation, they change their color from green to yellow-orange, and then become bright scarlet, so that the plant looks very decorative and can decorate any window sill or garden. Its fruits are characterized by a burning intensity of 30,000 to 50,000 units on the Scoville scale and have a delicious aroma dominated by a smoky note. They give the tabasco sauce its unique recognizable taste. Not inferior to it in popularity and another very common product of this pepper-pepper vinegar. Tabasco pods are also eaten raw. They contain a large amount of vitamins A and C. Perennial shrub with a height of 120 to 180 cm. The flowers are cream or light yellow, the fruits are conical, oblong, erect, about 5 cm in length. By the time of maturation, their skin is covered with fine wrinkles. Easy to grow, feels great in containers. It does not tolerate cold, night temperatures below 15°C make it difficult to form fruits. Rarely suffers from pests, is resistant to diseases. Likes bright lighting and requires regular watering. Despite the fact that the plant is a perennial, it does not live long, from two to five years. Since the maximum fruiting is achieved only in the first year, tabasco is often grown as an annual. The fruits ripen about 80 days after the emergence of seedlings.

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