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Amsterdam carrot is an early-maturing variety of Polish selection, intended for the production of early bundle products.
Root crops have a cylindrical shape, have a bright orange color. The main advantage of the variety is a blunt tip. The size of mature carrots varies from 14 to 20 cm, the weight can reach 165-180 grams. It has a small orange-colored core. The flesh is juicy and tender. The shape of the shoulders is rounded. The root crop is almost completely immersed in the soil, which eliminates the possibility of greening carrots.
The core of a mature carrot is colored in the same color as the surface part. It is quite thin, not coarse. The upper part does not turn green over time, as in most varieties.The plant has a semi-spreading rosette of leaves. The leaf has a bright green color. The leaves of the Amsterdam carrot are strongly dissected with a short petiole. According to the maturation period, it belongs to early-maturing varieties. The variety is very resistant to fruit cracking and flowering.
On average, if all the rules of planting and care are followed, the yield of the Amsterdam variety is 4.6 -7 kg/m2. To guarantee a high and high-quality crop, it is necessary to follow the rules of agricultural technology recommended by the originators of the variety. The characteristic features of the variety "Amsterdam" include resistance to cracking with abundant watering and excess humidity.
Carrots of this variety are excellent for use in their natural form, making juices and home canning. Amsterdam carrots can also be used for preparing dietary and baby food. In cooking, this variety is also versatile and can be used both raw and after heat treatment.
The rules for planting and caring for Amsterdam carrots are quite simple. It is not recommended to grow carrots in the same place every year. The best areas for cultivation are those where parsley, zucchini or celery used to grow.

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