Radish Winter round black 50 PCS fresh seeds, Raphanus Sativus Zimnaya Kruglaya Chernaya

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Radish Winter round black (Raphanus Sativus 'Zimnaya Kruglaya Chernaya')
It is recommended for gardening plots, homesteads and farms.
The rosette of the representatives of the variety 'Winter round black' is semi-spreading, 38-50 cm high, 52-85 cm in diameter. The number of leaves is 8-13. The leaf is broad-leaved, divided into 5-9 pairs of lateral lobes, green, pubescent. The upper lobe is flat-rounded.
Petioles up to 7.4 cm long, 1.8 cm thick, light green in color, with streaks of purple anthocyanin. Pubescence is rare.
The root crop is flat-rounded or rounded in shape, 9-11 cm long, 8-12 cm in diameter, and black in color. The surface is smooth, sometimes slightly furrowed. The flesh is white, dense, juicy. The thickness of the skin is 0.4-0.5 cm. The root crop is completely immersed in the soil, it is pulled out well. Radish weight 248-550 g.
Root vegetables have a good and excellent, sharp-sweet taste.
Radish 'Winter round black' refers to the varieties of the average ripening period (medium-ripe). The period from full shoots to the onset of technical ripeness is 70-93 days. Commercial yield 4.7–7.5 kg / m2 .
The crop is characterized by good keeping capacity during winter storage.
It is recommended for fresh use in the autumn-winter period.
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