Rio Grande tomato original. SEEDS 10 PCS.

Oreshka seeds
Tomato Rio Grande original

Mid-season, determinate, medium-growing, productive variety. For open ground and temporary film shelters. The bush is compact, 70-100 cm high, with a leaf of the usual type. It requires tying the plant to a support and pinching. The ovaries are formed in the amount of 9–10 pieces. Resistant to verticillium and fusarium.

The fruit is ovoid, smooth, red, weighing 70-95 g, very dense. Not prone to cracking, tolerates transportation well. The taste of the fruits of the variety is sweet, slightly sour. The skin is dense with a glossy sheen.

Suitable for fresh consumption, and they can also be dried or dried. Very often, whole tomatoes are canned - their size allows this to be done without difficulty. They are also suitable for making tomato juice.

Tomato: Tomato

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