Japanese Mermaid cabbage 30+ PCS fresh seeds

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Japanese Mermaid cabbage is a cold-resistant salad variety that can be grown in the open ground. The leaves have a pleasant taste with a light mustard aftertaste, they are used for making cold appetizers, salads and first courses.
Japanese cabbage The Little Mermaid has feathery foliage with scalloped edges. In the rosette, 40 to 60 leaves are formed, the height of which varies between 30-40 cm. The surface is smooth, but there may be wrinkles. The foliage color is green with a thin white streak. The taste is delicate, pleasant, without strong bitterness, the aroma is slightly perceptible.
The culture tolerates cold weather well, does not suffer from extreme heat. The crop can be harvested as early as two months after planting.
The mass of cabbage is about 1.2 kg, but there are also large specimens, the weight of which is close to 1.7 kg. When planting 4 seedlings per 1 sq. m, you can collect about 5-6 kg of foliage with petioles.
Japanese cabbage prefers medium-loamy, well-drained soil. To get a high yield, it is necessary to adhere to simple rules of planting and care.
Beds are chosen in a well-lit area, because Japanese cabbage the Little Mermaid needs a sufficient amount of ultraviolet light. Soil preparation is carried out in the fall.

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