Yamal tomato 10 PCS fresh seeds, Solanum lycopersicum

Oreshka seeds
Yamal tomato (lat. Solanum lycopersicum)

It belongs to the group of low-growing determinant plants. So, the bush does not exceed 0.5 m in height, but this feature does not affect the yield indicators in any way. The branching activity is average. The small leaves are colored in a rich dark green color, the inflorescences are simple. On the pedicels, you can notice a characteristic articulation.
The variety is characterized by uniform fruit ripening, on average, 90-100 days after the first shoots. Tomatoes that have not reached ripeness have a light green color, which gradually turns into a rich red color. The shape of the fruit is rounded, without a spot at the peduncle. The surface is slightly ribbed. The first tomatoes are the largest: the average weight is 160-200 g, in later fruits-up to 120 g.
The flesh is juicy, there are 4 seed chambers inside each tomato. The average yield is 8.6 kg per 1 m2. Tomatoes collected on time are characterized by long shelf life and good resistance to transportation.

Tomato: Tomato

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