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Bolivian rainbow hot pepper (lat. Capsicum annuum).

Bolivian Rainbow pepper is a decorative, edible type of pepper. Best grown in pots or containers. Plant height 20–60 cm. Plant with strong lateral branching. The leaves are dark green. From 50 to 70 pods of different colors ripen on one plant at the same time. The volume of the growing container is 2–3 liters. Suitable for growing bonchi - chili bonsai.

The fruits are directed upward, bluntly truncated cones up to 3.5 cm long. The pods initially have a purple tint; as they ripen, they change color through white, yellow, orange to red. They taste very similar to bell peppers, crunchy with a slight herbaceous flavor.

According to the Scoville scale, the degree of heat is 10-30 thousand units.

They are grown both for decorative purposes and for consuming the fruits as a spicy seasoning.

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