Calabash. Lagenaria vulgaris. Decorative pumpkin Turkish turban. SEEDS 5 PCS.

Oreshka seeds
Pumpkin Turkish turban

A liana-like fast-growing plant that, clinging to a support, constantly stretches upward. This is a very unusual and bright representative of the Pumpkin family. The plant can easily tolerate drought, but at the first frost the plant dies completely.

Fruits in the shape of a Turkish turban. All fruits differ in color, size and shape. Young fruits have very thin skin and the flesh is a pleasant yellow color.

The flowering period occurs at the beginning of summer, and by autumn they are fully mature.

Decorative pumpkin is used as homestead decoration, and its fruits can be dried and also used for decoration. It is used to make stews, salads and casseroles.

Pumpkin: Pumpkin

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