Zucchini Black handsome. SEEDS 10 PCS.

Oreshka seeds
Zucchini Black handsome

Early ripening (40-45 days from germination to ripening) variety.

Bush plant. The fruit is cylindrical, dark green, without spots, ribbed, highly glossy, weighing 0.8-1.7 kg. The bark is of medium thickness. The pulp is light beige, dense, juicy. It is highly resistant to powdery mildew.

Delicate taste. Young ovaries (10-15 cm) are used instead of cucumbers in salads. Large fruits (1 kg or more), collected before frost and night cold, can be stored in a room until June-July (in the light at a temperature not lower than 12°C).

Zucchini: Zucchini

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