Aztec colored corn 10 PCS fresh seeds, Multicolor Aztec Corn

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Aztec colored corn (Multicolor Aztec Corn)
Colored corn differs from its counterparts in other subspecies by the rounded shape of the grains, which have a characteristic depression at the very top. The seeds are smooth, glossy with a hard endosperm on the entire surface. Their internal contents are loose and powdery.
The crop is famous for its early ripening and decent yield. In addition to the multicolored cobs, the siliceous subspecies is chosen due to its undeniable advantages: high tolerance of frost, including sudden temperature changes; resistance to shedding, due to which the grains remain on the cob even after frost; low susceptibility to fungal diseases and rot.
The principle of growing colored maize is practically no different from ordinary sugar varieties (unless otherwise indicated on the seed packaging). The soil should be fertile and have a neutral or slightly increased acidity. The place for planting colored corn is chosen lighted and windless.
At the beginning of growth, moderate watering is followed, then it is increased as necessary. To prevent the stems from dying, the corn is periodically hoed. Depending on the method of application in food, the crop is harvested as it matures. Milk and milk-wax cobs are used for sweet consumption, and more mature corn is used for further processing.

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