Yellow-fruit Zucchini 5 PCS fresh seeds

Yellow-fruit Zucchini
This variety is presented by the Russian selection and belongs to the most productive zucchini. It is characteristic that the varietal characteristics allow you to grow this vegetable in almost all regions of Russia, despite the fact that it prefers fat and fertile places, it can successfully grow on any land, as it is considered universal.
The deciduous part is located above the surface of the soil and does not lie on it. Among the description of the advantages of the variety, it is worth highlighting the thin skin of the vegetable, which can be easily cut. Most housewives prepare young fruits with a peel, because it is not hard and perfectly amenable to heat treatment. In addition, the skin gives the dishes a beautiful color and does not taste bitter.
The weight of the fruit reaches 1 kg, and the length does not exceed 25 cm. It has a cylindrical shape, which becomes narrow near the peduncle. The fruit is colored in a pleasant yellow color with a barely noticeable grid of orange hue, which gives it attractiveness.
Zucchini "Yellow Fruit" is an excellent example of a vegetable that is suitable for eating, both for children and adults. It is incredibly useful, is a dietary product and is recommended for inclusion in the diet for patients with gastrointestinal ailments, diabetes, obesity. It can be used as a food supplement for babies, starting from six months, it is quickly digested and does not cause allergies at all.
Zucchini zucchini "Yellow-fruit" ripens early and amicably;
it has compact bushes with a large number of ovaries;
the foliage is medium-cut and pentagonal and is located on top and does not lie on the ground;
already 45 days after planting, you can collect the first fruits;
zucchini ripen weighing up to one kilogram and have a length of 20-25 cm, no more. This size is quite satisfying for those who like to eat fresh pulp, which has a light yellow or cream color;
the skin of the fruit is thin, so there are no problems when cutting. The fruit has a cylindrical shape, which is somewhat narrowed at the peduncle;
the cute yellow color of the zucchini fruit with a barely visible orange mesh becomes a real decoration of the plot, and you just want to tear it off.
the plants themselves are so compact that they do not require a large plot. A very small garden bed can accommodate several plants, which significantly saves useful space.

Zucchini: Zucchini

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