Tomato plum shaped Slivka red 10 PCS fresh seeds, Red tomato, Vegetable seeds, Organic seeds, Heirloom Tomato, Non GMO

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Tomato plum shaped Slivka red fresh seeds, Red tomato.

Red cream is a determinant plant, it is distinguished by its tallness, reaching a height of 90-110 cm. The foliage is small, the greens are of a dark shade. A simple inflorescence. Brushes include 5-7 smooth, even and dense fruits. The peduncle has an articulation.

The fruits are plum-shaped, cylindrical. The tone of unripe tomatoes is green, but with a spot next to the stalk. A ripe tomato has a red, as if varnished, glossy color. The number of seed nests is minimal – there are only two. The weight of cherry tomatoes is 7-9 grams.

Red cream is classified as salad, salting crops, and is also used for whole-fruit preparations. The berries are very sweet.

The ripening of red fruits occurs on the 107-110 day after seed germination. The culture is classified as both medium- and early-maturing.

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