Sweet peas Karubi curly 25 PCS fresh seeds

Oreshka seeds
Sweet peas Karubi curly
Medium-ripened variety, 70-75 days from germination. Vegetable, sugar. Curly. Height 150-160 cm. Beans - large blades, 9-10 seeds.
Seeding: the first time is in early May, then every 7-10 days. until the end of June. Sow to a depth of 4-6 cm in a well-moistened, fertile, light in mechanical composition soil, according to the scheme of 8-20 cm. Does not tolerate excess moisture, shading, fresh organic fertilizers. Do not soak before sowing.
Care: consists in loosening, watering, weeding, garters to the support. The optimal temperature for plant growth and development is 16-20 C.
Harvesting: it is carried out when young green blades with immature seeds are formed on the plants.

Beans: Beans

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